About this site

This site is a place for me to answer science related questions asked by my children. I have chosen to target the answers at my teenage son, who seems to ask most of the questions anyway!

​If you have questions of your own, add them to the discussions on each page.

This site is part of a 'Science on the web' unit in the Master of Science Communication (Outreach) degree at the Australian National University's National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science. Forgive me any errors, as I'm still learning!

​As part of the degree I get to tour Australia with the Shell Questacon Science Circus, which is taking us to Far North Queensland, the Northern Territory and New England in 2019.

​You can find me on LinkedIn.

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I have tried to credit images where the source is known. Many images have been sourced from pixabay.com, which offers royalty free no-credit images. Thanks to them and their contributors.

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